Clay Animation Software. Software programs can help simplify and improve the clay animation process. A program can provide instant results, improve image quality, speed up production time, and even help expand the creative process. The Software program that should be used depends on the requirements of the clay project. This is because programs can vary on how they function and with the features they have. Available features can range from onion skinning to special effects. The price of a software program can also vary from free to expensive based on what they are capable of doing. Below are some of the software applications available to help with the clay animation processes. FrameThief MAC systems. Frame Thief is a frame grabbing program for Macintosh systems. It has many features and tools set up in a simple to use interface. The program can capture frames at a high quality and play them back at various frame rates. The requirements for the program include video camera and a PowerPC Macintosh. MotionShot. MotionShot is a Stop Motion animation program for the Macintosh users. The program was created by animators who wanted features not available in other stopmotion capture programs. MotionShot takes a live video picture run into a computer and record a single frame for animation. It has simple to use interface with many features and tools. P.C systems. Animaatiokone is a software for creating stop-motion animation. It's easy and intuitive to use and helps you focus on animating. All you need while working is the three buttons in your remote control unit: capture, delete and preview. Free Clayanimator : Stop Motion Animator. A free Stop Motion Animator software program used to capture video frames at a high quality. Contains tools such as onion skinning and features such as playing back already captured frames. Download Clayanimator : Stop Motion Animator. Magpie. Magpie is a lip-syncing product. The program makes it possible to sync dialogue up with stop motion animation projects. It also functions with 2D and 3D animation works. SnapShot TNT. SnapShot TNT is a stopmotion animation package for computers that uses a foot pedal controller to allow hands free operation so adjustments to the camera and clay subject can be made. The user simply adjusts the clay model, hits the pedal then the animator is ready for the next shot. The animator does not need to touch the keyboard or mouse until finished capturing a sequence. Stop Motion Pro. Stop Motion Pro is a computer software program that captures still frames of video and has many features specifically designed for stopmotion animation. This program is comparable to Wmmedia Animator. Wmmedia Animator. Wmmedia Animator is computer software program that captures still frames of video and has many features specifically designed for stopmotion animation. This program is comparable to Stop Motion Pro. iStopMotion is the ideal supplement for your Digital Hub. Used by educators, professional and amateur film makers all over the world to create astonishing work, iStopMotion is the tool of choice for Stop Motion Animation (aka. Claymation) and Time Lapse Recording. Animation reference and pencil tests have never been easier. No film, no software, no computer needed. All you need is a video camera and monitor. Shoot. Replay. Instantly. The LunchBox Sync is used for animation testing and motion studies by animation professionals, studios, teachers, students, schools and museums.