Stop Motion Animator Program. The stop motion animator is a simple to use animation program. The program can be used to bring clay animated characters to life with minimal amount of work. The program is designed especially for stop motion animation. It is designed to work with any Video for Windows compatible capture devices, such as Web Cameras, analog video cameras and digital video cameras. The camera can be connected to a computer that has a dedicated capture card or a USB port. The program is not designed to work with scanners, digital still cameras, or other TWAIN devices. The program allows the user to easily build stop motion animations by recording, or "grabbing", a single video frame from a video capture device. In order to give the user better control over animations, The program also allows the user to do something impossible with film: The user can play through all of the previously recorded frames before grabbing the next. The user can also jump around between different frames to compare them before grabbing the next, and on some computer systems, the live video from the camera can be superimposed over a previously captured frame, often referred to as "onion skinning". Doing so allows the user to make sure that the motion between frames is smooth before they are captured In order to make it easier to see the video input when lining up shots, The program allows the user to resize the video viewing window to any size wanted, without altering the underlying capture resolution. For example, the user wants to capture a movie in 320x240 resolution. This may be hard to see from 5 or 6 feet away as the user might be moving the objects in the scene for the next frame. By changing the video viewing window to 800x600 pixels, the user can see the shot better, but without changing the underlying capture resolution. To facilitate faster work with the program, many common commands (Grab, Play, Mark, Step Back a Frame, etc.) can be easily mapped to hotkeys on the keyboard, thus freeing the user from the mouse and allowing you to work farther away from the computer. (A long keyboard cord may come in handy.) The program also allows an easy way to "Shoot on N's" by allowing you to determine how many frames are recorded with each Grab operation. In and Out Points are also supported, as is looped playing. System requirements 133 MHz processor or better. Windows 95/98/98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP 16MB RAM 1.5 MB free hard disk space A video camera capture device that supports Microsoft Video For Windows (VFW) Screenshot of program running under windows XP with onion skinning mode on. The stop motion animation program 1.1.xp is based on the open source code for the anasazi stop motion animator by Penn Taylor and Richard Benn. Downloading Instructions Click on the clay button to begin the download. Select a location on your local P.C to have the file download to. The file will be saved as Setup.exe. After the file has been successfully downloaded locate the setup.exe file on your local P.C and then double click on it. The setup installer will now run to help with the stop motion animator install process. Follow the step by step installer instructions. The stop motion animator installer has the ability to create a desktop icon and start menu shortcut if desired. Once the installer program has finished, close it. Locate the stop motion animator icon on your desktop and double click on it to execute the program.